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BAS Castings Ltd is an environmentally friendly operation.

It is the policy of BAS Castings Limited to:

  • minimise the extent of environmental impacts of operations within the company’s influence;
  • liaise with our clients on potential environmental issues and work with them to address concerns, in so far as work constraint permit;
  • strive to minimise any omissions which may cause environmental damage;
  • conserve energy through minimising consumption and maximising efficiency minimise the use of materials which may be harmful to the environment;
  • promote efficient purchasing which will both minimise waste and allow materials to be recycled where appropriate;
  • employ sound waste management practices
  • put in place procedures and support information that enables compliance with the law, regulations and codes of practice relating to environmental issues;
  • provide suitable training on environmental issues to employees;
  • recognise and encourage the contribution every employee can make towards improving environmental performance;
  • develop procedures and where appropriate, set performance targets;
  • sustain and develop this policy by the implementation of an Environmental Management System (EMS);
  • monitor environmental performance, make regular reviews of the policy and EMS, and make improvements where possible.

Robert G Radford
Managing Director

Health & Safety at work act, 1974
company safety policy

General Policy Statement
It is the policy of BAS Castings Limited to:

  • provide a place of work that is safe and without risk to the health and welfare of all its employees, independent contractors and the general public, so far as is reasonably practicable;
  • provide appropriate training;
  • seek to continually improve its safety, health and welfare performance;
  • make safety an integral part of the management of the company;
  • comply fully with the law;
  • make regular reviews of this safety policy and institute improvements, where possible;
  • consult with employees periodically to ascertain what measures should be taken to increase awareness of health and safety and to ensure that all necessary measures are taken to make this policy effective;
  • sustain and develop this policy by the implementation of safety management systems within the company.

Robert G Radford
Managing Director

 Quality Policy

 It is the policy of BAS Castings to maintain the highest level of quality, both product and service, during the production of all products required by our customers.

We are dedicated to on-going, continuous improvements of the Quality Management System throughout all levels and functions of the business as required by ISO 9001: 2008. This commitment is detailed within our Quality Management System and evidenced by scheduled internal and external audits, and by review of these audits at the Management Review meetings.

Alterations and additions to the Quality Objectives may be required as a result of these audits and also in response to client, quality or legislative changes.

It is the responsibility of every employee within BAS Castings to perform their tasks correctly, to ensure that all products have been produced or processed in accordance with established procedures, and it is the responsibility of BAS Castings to train and empower employees to attain these goals and to provide the necessary resources to implement this policy.

The ultimate responsibility rests with the Managing Director through the Quality Manager, but quality will only be maintained in all areas of the business by the application of the Quality Management System and the process of continual review and improvement.

Robert G Radford
Managing Director